Before using Pure Ignite

Pure Ignites’ natural products are highly safe, using the highest quality of ingredients to nourish and care for your skin. However, even the most pure of products can cause irritation to any skin type. We at Pure Ignite care about you and we strongly advise that you always patch test our skin care products before applying all over.

We ask that you take a small amount of product and test patch on a small and clean area of your skin to make sure no irritation or allergic reaction occurs.

If any skin issue is to occur after you have test patched a small area on the skin, please rinse product off with clean cold water and contact us at

Please do not use any Pure Ignite products on open wounds, cuts or any existing skin problems as irritation or infection may occur.

All wholesalers using Pure Ignite products on clients are to take note of any client who has any allergies or contraindications before commencing the use of products.

Please do not mix our products with any other ingredients when performing the patch test.

Please avoid using aerosol sprays or synthetic products immediately after using Pure Ignites’ products as this can affect the properties of our ingredients.

In the event of a severe reaction, rinse off product in clean cold water and please see your medical professional.